Life & Lupus




Lets face it  life is hard enough without throwing in some auto immune diseases at you .. Someone once  told me god does not throw anything at you that you can not handle and that there is a lesson somewhere in there that we  should learn .. I am still figuring out  what I should be learning and still coming up empty handed …  A few years ago I had a lupus flare which attacked my brain and speech  it was hard to talk to people and for them to understand what I was saying .. I don’t write the best either and hell sometimes I don’t even know what I am saying , some  of my memory  is gone , people say do you remember this or that and the truth of it all is NO I don’t remember .. My point is never give up !!!!!! After 12 years at being home I am now able to work a 40 hour job a week I am not saying it is easy because some days I just want to quit my job and climb back in my bubble .. Lupus is unpredictable no one will tell you when and if you will have a flare up .. Lupus is very different in many people I have tried the natural way the diets and none of that stuff helped me , not saying it would not help you if that is the way you want to go … I found my own way of doing things  find what works for you and stick with it if it works for you that is all that matters , don’t let anyone tell you how you are to live with a disease that they are still learning .. My advice just saying…

1.Find a hobby  this will help it will take your mind off  of things you can’t change.

2. PETS   if you are allowed to have pets  grab a cat or a dog .. Believe me this really helps you do things you don’t want to do like going outside and ECT  .

3. Have a support team ,  I don’t know if this works or not to be truthful , I am married  and my husband  sucks at supporting me in my lupus fight he just don’t get it everything should be about him ..   I also have two grown boys they support me at times but other times they can be just so mean ..  But my mother helps me in ways I could never thank her enough and my bestfriend is great as well they support and love me in everything I do ..

4. STRESS  I know alot about stress and stress causes alot of my problems try to avoid it if you can but if you are anything like me that is hard to do , even if you don’t suffer with a disease IT’s everyday life for some …

5. Remember some disease go hand to hand with lupus , so don’t be surprise if you get more then one ..











Authors Mixed Puzzles



Author Kathi S Barton Mixed Puzzles

Kathi S Barton Mixed Puzzle book one


There are 4 different types of puzzles to enjoy .. How well do you know the series ?? If you enjoy my books then you will love the puzzles …




Author Kathi S Barton Mixed Puzzles


Kathi S Barton Mixed Puzzle book two


This book is for my fans , To sit down and take a break and relax and see how well you know Kathi S Barton Books and Series .. I hope you enjoy it

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Life is not easy when suffering from auto immune disease  Just take one day at a time !!!!!!!!


My journey began over 20+ years ago .. I  would love to tell you things will get better but they don’t  so I am not going to lye about it .. I would say you need good doctors  in your life to make it mangable .. I have 7 doctors I deal with now and I hope my  health insurance doesn’t change because lets face it , It’s hard to find a good doctor anymore .. All my doctors learn and listen to me and I would say that is the best thing you can do is to find doctors who cares , I travel to see my doctors and it’s worth it …